Action Puzzle Game "MigmO" By marchEnterprise

Single Cell Organism Begins A New Journey With MigmO
MigmO Brings More Addictive Fun With Their New Adventure Action Puzzle Game

August 12,2014 marchEnterprise was given a new mission to build something unique, fun and "simple but profound", It is a new action puzzle game "MigmO".

About MigmO

Lead the single-celled life-form Migmo to the goal!
The 4 guiding items are the "ladder", "bridge", "change of course", and "hammer." Use these items freely to lead Migmo to the yellow door.

In edit mode, design original maps and share and play with your friends. You'll even receive 10 hearts needed to play.
Connect to Facebook and best your friends' daily progress!

Available on the App Store
Price : Free
Category: Games>Action/Puzzle

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